Ajay Jiju And Sali

Hi friends this is ajay mani from kanpur sharing with you my exclusive story real and not written by me on any site/ blog. This story started when i was just 25 and was hungry for sex, my family knew this fact and so they arranged my marriage with a girl from Delhi and believe it or not the first thing which i thought about not the relationship but the wonderful enjoyment which i would get in suhagraat. This was great an event of my life and believe it or not i entered into the room and within 15 minuted i pulled her dress out she was all naked in front of me shivering from cold then i undressed my self and fucked her till the last breath, suhagraat was of the nights in my life that i didn't slept whole night first i broke the hymen in first five strokes when the blood oozed out and after that fucked her all night kiss her all over and made her body all red. But this is not the real story for which i turned up here on request of Mr MASTRAM, the real fun began when six months later my wife became pregnant.

when my wife was pregnant she was now advised by the doctors to take a long rest, so she insisted that i should call kirti her younger sister from Delhi to help her in difficult times.

i agreed and brought Kirti from Delhi. Kirti was i sex bomb but i never gave her weight in front of my wife but one hot thing happened on 12 June  as it was holiday in office i took the bath late in the afternoon instead of morning and when i moved out of the bathroom kirti was sitting on my bed chatting with her sis, she looked at me with her eyes wide opened, i didn't realized that my penis was pointing out of my towel she was gazing hard at me, i looked down and wrapped my tool with the towel quickly.

Since then i saw that Kirti was coming closer and closer to me and one evening when my mother and wife went out to hear puja held in neighborhood, i and kirti were all alone in the house accidentally this was the best time for me at around 4 pm in the afternoon she started chatting with me we had a normal chat for 10 minutes which then converted into sex chat for next 15 minutes and now her hands started to move on me she touched every part and lastly she sat upon me.

Now the hot talks started and she was now kissing me all over my face this was on of the greatest moments of my life and  then i started undressing her starting by removing her kurta and then pajayama and lastly her undergarments now she was all naked 36-24-36 all white with pink nipples and some brownish spots around her belly, pussy was brown colored and now i started  to finger her.

she the became hot within 15 minutes and the i took her to my bathroom into my bathtub where i laid her and started fucking her she was hotter than her sister more richer and more sexier, bathroom was filled with sounds ooooooooooooo oooo aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa aaaaaaaaaaaaaaa her eyes started watering and her ears were red now she was turning red and this indicated me that she was becoming hot, we took the bath and then moved to the bed now i placed a pillow beneath her buttocks to raise her pussy and then started the real game one two one two one two one two my penis was fully inserted into her pussy and she was moaning jiiiiiiiiiiiiiiijjjjaaaaaaaaaa aajiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa mat ccchhhoodo aaaaaaaaaa jjjjjjjiiiiiiiiiiiiiijjjjjjaaaaaaaaaa jjjjjjiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii ooooooooooo maaaaaaaaa she was hotter than her sis and then i pulled her up upon me and now she was riding me like a horse, penis was fully distended and fully inserted this was one of the great moves her two big boobs were in my hands and i was playing with them.


Suddenly the bell rang and we rushed from the bed as my wife and mother were standing outside the main gate waiting for me to open the gates, i hurried putting my dress on. from that date i was just finding ways to fuck kitri but was not getting the proper chance so i took her to the movie and started fingering her sitting on the last seat, we took the morning show when the audience presence was low, i inserted both my fingers into her pussy and she became hot but this was not the place to fuck her as some people were now doubting us as kirti was making aaaaaaaaaa aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa noise, so we moved out and went to the ladies washroom, securty guard sittin on the door stopped me and kirti entered in i tried a lot to enter but the guard stopped me, however there was no one inside. then i pulled two hundred rupees noted and showed to the guar and then he said only half hour than placed the cleaning process on board in-front of the gate.


I moved in and Layed kriti into one of the toilets removed her panty and fucked her forcefully she was making loud noises ooooooooooo jijaji ooooooooooojijaji   ooooooooooo, then i sat on the commode and placed her on me on fucked her hard with my 200% erected penis fucking her hard and kissing her all over she was breathing heavily and making loud sounds ooooooooooooooooo oooooooooooooooooo heyyyyyyyyyy bhaaaagwaaaaaan maaar giiiiii aaaaaaaaa nahhhhhiiiiiiiii bassssssss jiiiiiijjjjjjuuuuuuuuuuuuuu,  she was scratching all over my body, i also pulled her hairs and scratched her all over we did it  for 25 minutes and i discharged inside her vagina, her vagina was now hot and red. we then dressed and moved out without watching movie.

We moved back to home in my car on the way i saw a lonely place near the highway this was the afternoon time around 2 pm and it was very hot not even an animal was visible, i looked all around  and moved my car near a nalla behind bushes and said Kirti will you do it once again for me, she hesitated but i forced her and undressed her, inserting a condom i started my work by laying her on the back seat of my car, she was hot again, car engine

and A/c were on and now we were doing it perfectly the car was shaking and shaking hardly this was one of the finest moments of my life that i experienced, she was once again turning red and her lips were now pink and pussy was continuously discharging some slimy liquid this was a beautiful scene when i moved her on my top now horse ride was on she was moaning "oooooooooooooooooo jiju oooooooooooooooojiju oooooooooo darling jiiijuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu aaaaa lag raha hai go slow baby " car was filled by her noises but the best thing was her two tennis ball like breast they were jumping all over and i was pressing them hardly and much hardly she was then moaning " kaminey jijuuuuuuuuuuuuuu mat dabao 26 ki jageh 30 ki BRA leni padegi mad dabao" i said that you are abusing me darling she said you are choding me so i am abusing you. At that time i realized that girls can be too harami even more than the boys, but this was the starting and i had big plans for Kirti for life long.

This was real fun and i was sure that my sali will be mine even after her marriage as now she is located in agra with her husband mithun but till date we are have some fun whenever we meet


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